Video: Introduction to the PEEM Measure

PEEM is a valid and reliable measure of Parent Empowerment and Efficacy. It uses an engaging on-line medium to help parents and family support providers consider family strengths alongside the challenges of parenthood.

PEEM uses a strengths-based approach to measure parent functioning. It focuses on caregivers’ sense of control or capacity to engage confidently with the challenges of being a parent.

The PEEM places parents at the centre of their own future, encouraging them to identify their existing parenting strengths, and any influences within their environment that may help or hinder their capacity to achieve their parenting goals.

The PEEM is designed for use with parents or carers of children of kindergarten and primary school age. The measure is short and practical. It has twenty positively worded items that relate to personal and child wellbeing, coping skills, relationship building, and communication.

The PEEM has many uses. It helps parents and professionals work together to strengthen parents’ efficacy in their role as caregiver. It can also be used to support comprehensive evaluation within parent support programs and community organisations. In particular, it can help agencies to review the effects of the resources and services they have delivered for individual parents, groups of parents, and families within the community more broadly.

The PEEM is delivered using an on-line format called PARENT’S VOICE, although a hard-copy paper version is also available.