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Approximate Runtime: 6 minutes

  • Not just a video game

    The secret to the Rumble’s Quest system’s efficacy is its unique wellbeing assessment tool, the “Rumble’s Quest” interactive video game.

    While it appears to be a simple, fun game for children, it is in fact a sophisticated and reliable wellbeing assessment tool that is specifically tailored to the primary school age group. It accurately measures multiple dimensions of wellbeing all in one package.

    We are confident that no other product rivals Rumble’s Quest as an effective and meaningful measure of children’s wellbeing.

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    Did you know that Rumble’s Quest:

    • is a highly engaging experience?
      It effortlessly measures wellbeing in a meaningful way while children play an interactive game – unlike most online surveys and text-based questionnaires, which can be abstract, blunt and sterile, leading to unreliable answers.
    • has been designed specifically for children aged 6-12 years?
      It focuses on issues that are key to social and emotional wellbeing in this age range.
    • has low literacy requirements?
      Questions are voiced and asked as part of a conversation with simple, unambiguous language and straightforward question structure.
    • is culturally inclusive and accessible for children from all backgrounds?
      The game is set in a whimsical fictional world that doesn’t reference an identified culture, so it can be used anywhere.
    • is an empowering experience for children?
      The interactive game format provides a developmentally appropriate way to let kids have a say about things that matter to them. This is especially helpful when working with children who struggle with the format of conventional self-report measures.
    • makes it possible for children to report their own feelings?
      That’s because they respond to questions about their life and experience. What better way to get data than straight from the child? And, in keeping with Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the game enables children’s voices to be heard by the adults who make decisions on their behalf.
    • promotes thoughtful and honest responses?
      It does this by encouraging children’s active involvement and interest through the game experience. This makes your data more reliable.
    • has been played by many thousands of children, and proven to be fun and popular?
      Children genuinely enjoy playing the game, leading to better engagement, and better results.
    • is both broad and deep in what it measures?
      In addition to questions that tap multiple dimensions of wellbeing, Rumble’s Quest includes tasks that gauge “executive functions.” These skills are fundamental to learning, and provide additional key insights as part of your wellbeing data package.
  • A tested and proven instrument

    The psychometric structure, validity and reliability of the Rumble’s Quest Instrument was established through a rigorous process of research and development, including work supported by the Australian Research Council, carried out by experts in child development in partnership with state government departments of education and schools.

    Ten years of development and testing has made Rumble’s Quest a class-leading wellbeing measurement tool that you can rely on.

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    The dimensions of social emotional wellbeing that Rumble’s Quest reports align with best-practice frameworks and are broadly consistent with – and relevant to – student learning and wellbeing frameworks adopted by many educational jurisdictions.

    The structure of the measure has been confirmed by meticulous statistical analyses (based on data from many thousands of children) and brings clarity to a complex and sometimes indistinctly defined concept.

    Extensive research studies and psychometric testing of the Rumble’s Quest scale against other indicators of wellbeing have validated the Rumble’s Quest scoring mechanism as a true indicator of wellbeing, so you can trust the data that Rumble’s Quest provides.

    Not all other measures on the market have this level of rigorous testing and validation – and some offer none at all.

  • The game is just the start

    Playing the game is just the first step in the Rumble’s Quest system.

    That’s because Rumble’s Quest is an integrated system that includes data capture, reporting, and ideas for action and evaluation – all in one package.

    Read on to learn how Rumble’s Quest data can help schools, education departments, community organisations and agencies who work with children.

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