PEEM Online

The Parent Empowerment and Efficacy Measure (PEEM) provides valid and reliable data around which family support practitioners and parents can structure their shared efforts to enhance family resilience.

  • What Is Peem

    The Parent Empowerment and Efficacy Measure is a tool that complements asset-based approaches in social work practice and family services.

    It measures caregivers’ sense of being able to engage confidently with the responsibilities of being a parent.

    The PEEM encourages respondents to reflect on their parenting strengths, and any influences within their environment that may help or hinder their capacity to achieve their parenting goals.

  • What Peem Measures

    The measure is short and practical. It has 20 positively worded items that relate to personal and family wellbeing, coping skills, relationship building, and communication.

    Responses provided on a 10-point rating scale are used to calculate a total score and two subscale scores:

    Efficacy to Parent indicates level of confidence and positive orientation to one’s parenting role and practice

    Efficacy to Connect indicates the degree to which one feels empowered to access support and to participate in activities that promote positive parenting.

    View sample report.

  • Who Uses Peem

    The Parent Empowerment and Efficacy Measure is designed for use by front-line professionals who work with parents of young children in the kindergarten and primary school age range: that is, with parents of toddlers to tweens!

    It is suitable for use by practitioners, researchers, and family support service program planners and evaluators.

  • How Does it Work

    The PEEM is delivered using an engaging on-line format called Parent’s Voice. A hard-copy form is also available.

    PEEM offers a quick and easy process for data capture, and the online version facilitates efficient data storage and management.

    The PEEM has many uses: It helps parents and professionals work together to set goals and find an agreed focus for structuring support. At a whole-of-service level it facilitates program planning and can also be used to support comprehensive program evaluation. It can help agencies to review the effects of the resources and services they have delivered for individual parents, groups of parents, and for the community.

    Watch the Benefits of PEEM Online video.

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