Rumble’s Quest

Rumble’s Quest is a robust and reliable measure of social and emotional wellbeing for primary school children. It is presented as an engaging computer game that makes it easy for children to respond to questions in a natural way.


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  • What Is Rumble’s Quest

    Rumble’s Quest offers a scientifically validated process for assessing multiple dimensions of child wellbeing. It uses age appropriate methods that are designed to help 6-to-12 year-old children report directly about the way they experience the world.

    Rumble’s Quest is an effective tool for assessment, program planning, and program evaluation. It helps child-serving organisations to:

    • understand children’s strengths
    • plan supportive action in response to identified opportunities for growth
    • review the effects of those actions once undertaken.
  • What Rumble’s Quest Measures

    Rumble’s Quest provides primary school children with an opportunity to report their own wellbeing across four domains central to their lives at this stage of development:

    • Attachment to school
    • Emotional and behavioural self-regulation
    • Social confidence with respect to peer relationships
    • Supportive environments and relationships with caring adults

    The game incorporates fun tasks that challenge children to exercise executive skills such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, impulse and attention control.

  • Who Uses Rumble’s Quest

    Rumble’s Quest was designed for use by schools and other organisations who work with children aged between 6 and 12 years.

    It is suitable for wide scale use in non-clinical settings, and an efficient way to measure wellbeing across the whole school or group.

    It is useful for anyone who needs a reliable tool to measure child wellbeing for program and policy planning; to evaluate the impact of supportive initiatives; or to monitor trends in wellbeing over time.

  • How does Rumbles Quest Work

    How Does it Work

    Rumble’s Quest is an integrated system that includes:

    • A game app which children can play on desktops, laptops or iPads, and
    • A user management and administration dashboard that incorporates an extensive support package and report generator

    It is an empowering resource.

    The Interactive Game

    Empowers children to express their feelings on a range of issues that are important to their wellbeing.

    The User Management Dashboard

    Empowers schools and organisations to collect, report, and use their own reliable data to make decisions, drive action in support of wellbeing, and create responsive environments so all children in their care might flourish.

    Take a tour of the Dashboard.

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