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Why RealWell Matters

While many children in our communities are doing well, there are too many who are not.

We can do better. But how?

The answer is to act early before problems take hold.

RealWell is committed to advancing understanding and action in support of children’s wellbeing.

With your help we can make a difference.

Why childhood wellbeing?

Addressing childhood wellbeing early is one of the most effective ways to tackle complex social issues and make a difference.

Consider this:
Children with higher social-emotional skills at 5 years of age are, at 25 years –

  • twice as likely to have a college degree
  • 46% more likely to have a full-time job
  • 67% less likely to have been arrested
  • 82% less likely to be using drugs

(Jones, Greenberg & Crowley, 2015)
Every $1 invested in universal social emotional learning programs, save the education, health, criminal justice and welfare systems $11

(Belfield et al, 2015)

The value of data

The social and economic value of actively promoting children’s wellbeing is clear, but actions are only effective when tailored to context.

Program decisions must be driven by local data so support can be customised to identified local issues.

Replicating local success at scale also requires easy access to reliable data, as a basis for setting clear directions for action and evaluating progress toward goals.

At RealWell our vision is to equip service providers with trustworthy methods for assessing wellbeing for the children they work with. We know that understanding what matters at the local level is the key to taking effective action. In other words: “what gets assessed, gets addressed.”

Bringing research to action

Compelling evidence underscores the need for wellbeing initiatives and holistic academic programs that incorporate social and emotional learning because of their potential to break intergenerational cycles of disadvantage and mobilize pathways out of poverty (AEI / Brookings, 2015).

But the statistics on wellbeing indicators remain stubbornly hard to move, particularly at scale.


What’s the missing ingredient?

One crucial factor is that our capacity for systemic action to elevate our children’s wellbeing requires access to data: meaningful information about where to direct action to best effect.

RealWell seeks to make such information more easily available to those who work directly with children and their families in education, social service, and community organizations.

It recognizes the value of having trustworthy tools with which to measure children’s social-emotional strengths (so they can be built upon), as well as the challenges they face (so they can be addressed through tailored solutions).


The right tools for the job

Rumble’s Quest and PEEM are tools for data-based decision making and evaluation. As high quality, validated instruments that are firmly grounded in years of solid research, their data helps educators and service providers build a clearer picture of what children need and how to support them.

These tools are already out in the field, putting meaningful data directly into the hands of those who serve as agents of change for children. They support early identification, help develop a prevention focus, and catalyse impact by promoting effective local action.

From our research to the front lines of action, RealWell is committed to investing in the next generation and creating positive change at scale.

You can help us see this vision through by becoming a friend of RealWell.

A worthwhile investment

Supporting RealWell is an investment in the wellbeing and well becoming of children.

That’s because all our work is focused on empowering frontline service providers, communities, and institutions to respond effectively to real needs using evidence-informed initiatives.

A great example of this is our flagship product, Rumble’s Quest.

Rumble’s Quest meets a genuine need experienced by educators, social workers, policy makers and other professionals who are charged with the responsibility of promoting the positive development of children. It does this by providing an effective tool and efficient process for the routine measurement of social and emotional wellbeing in populations of young children.

Rumble’s Quest facilitates wide-scale assessment of wellbeing for program planning and evaluation in a way that is relatively quick, simple, and not disruptive of routines in school and community service settings.

No other product on the market does what Rumble’s Quest can do. We’re proud of that, and we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use it to make a difference.

Our individual products are commercialized at rates that encourage uptake, because RealWell is an enterprise whose mission is focused on impact rather than profit. But with meaningful partnerships across government and private philanthropic sectors, we can do so much more – together.

Our work grows in effectiveness and reach through support from patrons like you.

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