RealWell is a for purpose social enterprise that draws on scientific research and practical innovation.
RealWell exists to promote and distribute a range of tools and resources that are built on a robust foundation of applied research conducted at Griffith University with the support of the Australian Research Council and industry partners.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to advance child wellbeing using science to equip and enable those dedicated to the service of children and families.

Our Mission

RealWell aims to support school and community-wide efforts to take positive action, based on evidence, to promote the wellbeing of children and their families.

Our Approach

RealWell makes available simple and practical tools to cultivate community-wide understanding and advancement of children’s social and emotional development.

The resources are designed with schools and community agencies in mind. The aim is to support collective capacity to measure children’s wellbeing and take positive action based on community data to help children flourish.