Benefits for Departments and Organisations

Approximate Runtime: 5:30 minutes

  • Ready for system-level deployment

    Rumble’s Quest was designed to be robust enough for systemwide rollout. While its value to individual sites and schools is obvious, its ability to support organisation-wide measurement, aggregation and management of data really shines.

    Reporting functions on the system-level dashboard facilitate overarching analyses at whole-of-organization level, making Rumble’s Quest the perfect tool for administrators of departments and organizations with multiple sites.

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    It’s reliable. Rumble’s Quest was developed by RealWell, a University-based research team, which retains an ongoing focus on product integrity and quality, and has operated for more than a decade under a continuous improvement model. RealWell’s focus has always been on creating a category-defining wellbeing measurement tool that can be trusted by decision makers like you.

    The system is secure, with strict adherence to high-level protocols that meet or exceed the data security standards of state level governing bodies.

    Rumble’s Quest is already being used in many schools, with thousands of children. We invite you to learn more about what it can do for your department or system.

  • A turnkey solution

    When you deploy Rumble’s Quest across all the schools or sites in your system, your department-level dashboard becomes your key to seamless data aggregation, high-level reporting, and oversight of activity across your subsidiary sites.

    Children, teachers, principals, and department-level administrators will all find something to appreciate about the Rumble’s Quest system.

    Rumble’s Quest is a powerful, scalable tool that allows you to measure and analyze child wellbeing trends, and support positive socio-emotional child development at all levels – from the individual child, to a class, to a year level, to a school, and all the way to a district, region, or state.

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    Good for Children

    The data collection game makes responding fun and easy for primary aged children, and critically it is engaging for them. The value of a truly developmentally appropriate measurement instrument that provides a relevant context for capturing thoughtful answers to meaningfully framed questions cannot be underestimated. No more blind “box ticking” exercises. Your students will engage with the tool and provide real insights – and that means reliable data.


    Good For Schools and Agencies

    The user management dashboard and support materials make setting up straightforward for school administrators. Deployment can be easily managed by a single officer at the school who is appointed to take on a coordinating role, and implementation involves no extra workload for classroom teachers.

    Results can be used to guide instruction or action to build on student strengths and address themes that emerge in regard to student needs. Each school community is empowered to act at a local level. Your principals and counsellors will appreciate the data it gives them.


    Good For Departments and Organisations

    While Rumble’s Quest provides individual schools with immediately useful information for their own needs, at a system level, Rumble’s Quest brings a whole other set of benefits that really unlock its potential.

    The Rumbles Quest system makes wide-scale data collection feasible across the diverse sites and socio-cultural realities in your network.

    Rumble’s Quest provides organizations with consistent data across the board, and a mechanism for standardized system-wide reporting and evaluation of outcomes across diverse programs and sites.

    It provides a valid and reliable way for schools and other child-serving organizations to measure and understand the wellbeing of children at both the individual and the group/cohort levels.

  • Unlock the power of system-wide data

    The key lies in Rumble’s Quest’s unique Departmental Dashboard.

    A system-level license provides your organization with access to this top-level tool for set-up, activity tracking, and data reporting.

    The Departmental Dashboard is a flexible and powerful feature that’s tailored to the needs of organisations who want to get the most out of the Rumble’s Quest system.

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    The Departmental Dashboard gives registered system account managers visibility of activity being undertaken across the multiple sites associated with your system level license.

    The Departmental Dashboard also reports data from all schools or sites that sit under the system-level license. School or site level summary reports can be generated, and scores for each wellbeing dimension can even be accessed at individual child level.

    Departmental data can also be effortlessly aggregated in ways your department administrator deems useful. For example, you can run data reports at site level, district level, or whole of state level. You can group schools in ways that are meaningful to your organization, and construct reports based on those groupings.

  • How can Rumble’s Quest help decision makers?

    Just imagine the good you can do with reliable wellbeing data for every child in your system.

    Better data means better decision making and better action to support the wellbeing needs of all the children in your care.

    A system-level Rumble’s Quest license is an investment in the future of your organization.

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    With Rumble’s Quest you can:

    • Get an up-to-date whole-of-region view of wellbeing trends across your entire organization
    • Identify key issues and hot-spots, and plan your interventions with confidence
    • Review the effectiveness of current support programs, and support local initiatives
    • Better deploy resources for maximum equity and impact across your entire organization
    • Rumble’s Quest provides you with high-quality information that helps you to:
    • See how individual children are faring
    • Review variability within cohorts
    • Review variability across cohorts and schools in your system
    • Maintain focus on the way social and emotional needs are being met, and drive continuous improvement cycles as student learning and wellbeing frameworks are applied.
    • Compare your schools with national averages using Rumble’s Quest’s built-in norm references

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